Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My work-in-progress Craftroom

Hello, I have been pretty busy with work and haven't had a chance to create but today wanted to share some pictures of my work-in-progress craftroom. When we bought our house five years ago one of my many requests was to have an office since I work from home.  It turns out that I prefer to work at nights (no toddler asking for something every 3 minutes, hahaha), sitting on my comfy bed with my laptop, and the TV on as background noise.  Therefore, the office space was totally neglected.  Last year my DH suggested to move all my craft stuff to our office and it became my craftroom since then.  I still need to personalize it and but I like the way it is looking.  I love the fact that I have access to natural lighting, therefore I was able to put a dark color on the walls.  All the furniture is from IKEA and put together by wonderful husband.  I looove it!!!  Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow, love your space, it has got to be great for working in. I have a craft room too but always end up in my kitchen as I love the space I have and the lighting there. ENJOY your space.

  2. Looks fabulous... love all your shelves. HUGS..SK :)

  3. Wow great scraproom.
    Mine is in the basement. Little cold.

    Very nice

    Grz robin