Saturday, November 13, 2010

Toy Story B-day Centerpiece

Hi there, I have been pretty busy making all the decorations for my son's birthday party for the past week. With the help of my wonderful husband, we just finished all the cuts for a total of four centerpieces inspired by the beautiful centerpiece made by PaperMaine-iac from the Cricut Community Message Board. All the cuts were made using a Cricut Expression and the Cricut Toy Story and Robotz cartridges.

My dear husband and I agreed that the hardest to put together was Rex (because of the teeth) followed by Mr. Potatohead (those shoes are a pain in the back!). The easiest was Hamm and of course the title.

We used cardstock from a multi-color cardstock pack I bought at Hobby Lobby and for the flesh-tone cuts, I used SU! Blush Blossom cardstock (retired). Tweezers, spatula and ultra-fine scissors came very handy.
Thanks for looking!!
Updated to list materials and tools used to make centerpieces.
  • Cricut Expresssion Die Cutting Machine
  • Toy Story Cricut cartridge
  • tweezers
  • Paper crimper


  • SU! Blush Blossom cardstock (skin tone)
  • Hobby Lobby 8.5" x 11" color cardstock pack
  • Scotch Scrapbooker's glue with 2-way applicator (Michaels)
  • Wood sticks (Walmart)
  • Tin container from Michaels ($3)
  • Georgia Pacific white cardstock
  • ATG tape gun (double sided tape)


  1. OH my gosh, these are soooooooooooo darling! You have great talent!!!

  2. Thank Barb, it was inspired by a centerpiece made by PaperMaine-iac from MB.

  3. You have done a wonderful job, well done, they look great...

  4. i was wondering how much you would charge to do me enough for 3 son is having a toy story party and these are too cute.

  5. haydens_mom, glad you liked my centerpieces. If you have any questions you can reach me at leiradcarrasco at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  6. how did you go about making the centerpieces for toy story as for the material needed...i love it

  7. i love your toy story picks i am having a toy story birthday party for my 4 yr old... i would like to buy those pics from u please...... i am trying to find centerpieces for the tables at her bday party.... can you please email me and let me know if you can make centerpieces...

  8. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I am going to update my post by listing the materials used to make the centerpieces.

  9. These are fab! I am waiting for my Toy Story cartridge to arrive, but not sure i will be able to make anything looking like this!
    Thanks for sharing x

  10. Hello there, Amazing work, your sons are very lucky to have such a creative and talented mommy =). My question is, it is necessary to have the cricut cutting machine? or does any printer work? i love your idea and would like to do something similar to that but i dont have the machine you mentioned under materials.. let me know your thoughts, thanxs for sharing

  11. Hi i was wondering if you sell these I'm having a toy story party for my son ? my email is

  12. i wanted to let you know that i did something very similar to this after seeing this idea and a BIG tip for rex...I used a white pen and colored in the teeth instead of piecing them together!! Thanks for the centerpiece idea!


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